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Electronic Shift Book

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Electronic Shift Book

The MES software Plant Historian SB – Electronic Shift Book Software – records all shift information completely for the entire production chain and supports paperless working in all areas of production, maintenance or in the warehouse.

electronic shift book software

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electronic shift book software

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electronic shift book software

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electronic shift book software

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Full Service Solution

electronic shift book software - imes solutions gmbh

Operational Documents

Display of operational documents such as shift/handover logs, digital checklists or plant books on mobile devices

electronic shift book software - imes solutions gmbh

Error message recording

Error message recording, recording of unplanned downtimes and/or reasons for downtimes, etc.

electronic shift book software - imes solutions gmbh

Process Automation

Fast process automation using an integrated low-code workflow engine, e.g. mapping of if-then scenarios

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electronic shift book software - imes solutions gmbh